Thursday, February 14, 2008

Days of Dreams: Valentines for US!

Happy Valentine's Day, one and all. As a writer of women's fiction and romance, this day feels very special. But then, Valentine's Day is always special.

This morning, in the shower (the place where brilliant ideas spring) I thought of how many of us do special things for our loved ones on this day. Cards and candy for the children, cards for relatives and friends, and in my own case, I'm cooking a candlelight dinner for my husband. But as I stood in the shower, warm water flowing down my back, I realized one thing--I hadn't thought of a Valentine for myself.

Now, you might ask, if my dear husband comes through with something special for me (as he always does) why think of something special for me? Shouldn't the focus be on him, my lover?

Yes and no, I say. Suppose my husband wasn't around for some reason? Suppose I'd never married? Suppose I was 'twixt and 'tween significant others? Or I didn't really want a significant other at the moment. Shouldn't Valentine's Day, the day for love, be celebrated in those circumstances, too?

So today, I've decided to give myself a Valentine, in the form of a walk around the park. Exercise keeps me healthy and strong, helps me shed pounds I need to lose. Exercise reduces my stress. These things are true gifts.

So...I'm even going to take my walk before I buy groceries for dinner. That way, I'll be in the perfect mood for cooking and setting my candle-lit table.

Other gifts to myself are good nutrition, another blessing I'm working on. Even a spray of perfume--the scent a gift to last hours.

On this day, during this week, I'd love to hear about valentines you give yourself. And if you haven't thought about this before, you know what to do. There's still time, after all. Just like any day can be a mini new year, any day can be your valentine's day.

Happy day, one and all!

xo, ciao,



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