Friday, March 05, 2010

Happier Days

It's been eleven months since my last entry to this blog, just after my husband became seriously ill. Since life has improved for us since then, I wanted to provide a quick update.

Best of all, my husband is doing better! The brilliant doctors at Stanford Medical Center have been working wonders. Though his illness still causes us to wrestle with lots of change in our life, the disease has stabilized for now. We've been able to travel a little, mainly to Los Angeles to events at the University of Southern California, from which our daughter will graduate in May. We've been overnight at the beach a few times, and are now in the process of planning our twenty-fifth wedding anniversary celebration, which will include a trip up to the Pacific Northwest.

Another joyful development is that I'm back doing my writing. Though I have less time to spend than I used to, I do usually have the ability to spend a few hours a day. I've even been able to attend a few writer workshops, and again can regularly attend my RWA and California Writers Club meetings.

To avoid frustrating you if you try to access my blog, I'd also like to mention that my web site is likely to change. Now that Google has announced Blogger will no longer handle "FTP," my blog will be non-operations as of the first of May. Since I plan to revamp my web site, and given my current care-giving responsibilities, I will have to suspend this blog until the new website is up and running.

All in all, though life isn't perfect (and when was it ever?), my family and I are doing quite well. I hope the same is true of you and yours.

I look forward to your presence at this blog, via my new website, at some point in the near future.

Until then, I wish you the best!




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